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The Bangladesh Survey & Valuation Companies, Firms and Individual Concerns Association (BSVCFICA) reinforces its fundamental stance that the association is all for positive change and the cornerstone for build strong, resilient and sustainable communities.

The association also induces a character of professionalism, social responsibility and a deep sense of patriotism. BSVCFICA provides many opportunities to grow professionally and intellectually as well-rounded human beings. In the process, knowledge awareness is developed, a new layer of knowledge is explored, practical life skills are honed and an ethical perspective is woven into an individual fabric.

I profound remember the ubiquitous leader of Bangladesh, The Father of the nation, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. & also deep remember Heroic freedom fighter Late Sharif M Afzal Hossain President of BSVCFICA. I feel a sense of great pride, responsibility & accountability for being at the helm of such a prestigious organization.

Our world acclaimed Honorable Prime Minister, the competent daughter of the Father of the nation, Deshratna Sheikh Hasina revolutionary Vison-2021 & towards the status of a developed nation by 2041 aiming at dependent country free from hunger, poverty & discrimination, is approaching fruition. The Valuer/surveyor/engineers have and will continue playing an integral role in the realization of this holy pledge from our inspirational Prime Minister.

I am profoundly committed to attracting the association of BSVCFICA dedicated to professional excellence, pedagogical sophistication, top-notch research and service to the country in our mission to contribute towards accelerating national development.

Now we also focus on facilitating exuberant and creative entrepreneurs. In our internationalization efforts, we are expanding our global network of International Valuation Standard Council (IVSC) With our many stellar achievements, we are proud of our leadership role while at the same time, we are unwavering in fulfilling our responsibility of propelling Bangladesh towards the status of a developed nation by 2041. Professionals can adapt to changes seamlessly and shine bright as proud Valuers contributing immensely to the country development. As the President, I am confident our integrated effort towards achieving distinction in professionalism and inculcation of moral values in professionals from different sectors will continue to reign supreme in the future.

Engr. Vr. Mohammad Anwar Hossain
General Secretary
Bangladesh Survey & Valuation Companies,
Firms and Individual Concerns Association (BSVCFICA)

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